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... sorry, lost my train of thought.

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Non fic or art posts are locked or will be locked down the line to keep this journal "clean".

If you want to podfic my stories: Please check with me first. I usually allow it, if there is nobody else already working on a podfic to that story.

If you want to translate a story: I'm sorry, but at the moment I do not allow translations of my fics. This has multiple reasons. For one, I have had problems with translations before that have been abandoned half way through or that I have been told were low quality. I acknowledge that some people do not read English that well, but since these stories are my babies, I don't want to give them out of my control and I sadly do not speak Chinese, Russian, Spanish or all those wonderfully different languages that I got requests for and have no way of seeing where the story was reposted, if it was abandoned, or if the translation is amazing or horrible. Most requests are about my long (50k+ words) stories which are especially dear to me and some of which I might actually want to use for something else later. That would be exponentially more difficult of there were copies of the story flying around all over the internet. I don't let my stories be reposted anywhere and the reposting of translations makes it even harder to track. I hope this cleared some things up. Thank you for reading and being interested on working with my stories.

Let's cut this short... or I might start feeling watched. ;)
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